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The Client

HomeFlash was founded in Calgary, Alberta in 2015 with a commitment to designing, manufacturing, and installing a durable sill pan flashing system, which is used to protect window frames and the underlying structure from water damage, as well as maintain the energy efficiency of window installations. They also specialize in new home warranty service, remediation, investigations, and repairs, and have proven success in the building envelope industry.

The challenge

Despite being the only building-code-compliant sill pan flashing product available, HomeFlash struggled with communicating the value and risk mitigation benefits to builders and contractors of using their product during new building construction.

The solution

The Barrel team quickly realized that standard marketing and communications channels would not be enough to highlight the value of the HomeFlash product. We not only created a brand new website, but also produced impactful live action and custom animated videos to showcase the product’s benefits and ease of installation.

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Video Production

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