The Client

HomeFlash is a revolutionary sill pan flashing system, engineered to solve the damaging effects of water intrusion into a wall assembly. With changing building codes, HomeFlash offers a durable state-of-the-art system tested to help eliminate moisture failures and exceed the performance of self-adhering membranes or molded PVC products.

The Challenge

A new national building code had recently been implemented which required home builders to use a specific type of material for installing windows and doors. HomeFlash was the only product that met this requirement. The client was looking to update and re-design its website to showcase this competitive advantage and educate architects and homebuilders about the new code requirements.

The Solution

Barrel conducted an in-depth keyword analysis and produced an SEO optimized website. The website was updated with a new design and structure, and incorporated new content to reflect the code changes and attract new customers. Moreover, Barrel produced an interactive landing page to test customer knowledge about the new code, and developed an animated video that was syndicated across the Facebook advertising network to increase brand and building code awareness.



The Results

In one month after launching the website:

0 %

increase in organic website traffic

interactive landing page and the contact us page are now most visited pages

0 %

new post-launch visitors

+ 0

times animated video was watched


new leads from Interactive landing page