Athlete Performance & Recovery

New Website Design Incorporates Client Login Portal and Puts the Focus on Athletes

Athlete Performance & Recovery is the premiere movement therapy program that focuses on correcting compensation patterns and imbalances in athletes. At the intersection of strength therapy and traditional therapy, APR has evolved to not only protect high-level athletes from preventable harm, but to guide them towards even greater success.

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The Challenge

Athlete Performance & Recovery approached Barrel seeking our expertise in developing an SEO-optimized website that would showcase their service offerings, incorporate a customized client login portal, and increase brand visibility online.

The Solution

The Barrel team worked hand-in-hand with APR to ideate and develop their new website, with a specific strategic goal of placing the focus on athletes and their specific needs. This included all new website copywriting. By incorporating a client login portal with access to free, professionally-produced training videos, customer affinity towards the brand was greatly increased.