Integrated Marketing Campaign Smoothens the Dents out of Revolutionary Calgary Small Business

The Client

Dentologist is a revolutionary Calgary autobody repair shop that specializes in paintless dent repair (PDR). PDR is a fast, efficient, and cost-effective process that smoothens out dents in vehicle panels caused by hail storms, minor collisions, and incidental damage. As the leading service provider in this space, Dentologist expanded its service offerings into mobile, on-site dealer fleet repair and recently, into full and partial manufacturer spec vehicle paint.

The challenge

Autobody repair is dominated by large, incumbent players who have existing relationships with insurance companies and auto dealerships, with very little direct-to-consumer interaction. This high market concentration creates supply-side inflationary pricing, leading many consumers to forego out-of-pocket vehicle repairs due to a belief that doing so is cost prohibitive. They would rather deal with minor vehicle damage than pay to have it repaired.

The solution

Since PDR is substantially less expensive and more efficient than traditional autobody work, the Barrel team developed an ongoing integrated marketing campaign that demonstrated to consumers the benefits of Dentologist’s service offerings. It began with a redesigned brand and website, which showcased the efficiency and superior service that Dentologist provides. Augmenting this new presence was in-shop signage, and printed marketing collateral, including brochures, sell sheets, and custom service infographics.

Video production, complete with custom animation, was undertaken and not only seeded to social media channels, but also deployed as paid social advertising on Facebook and Instagram. An aggressive SEM Google Ads campaign was developed and launched, which captures consumer search traffic for dent repair services with carefully-targeted keyword lists.

creative showcase

Video Production and custom animation

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The results

In a four-month period, Dentologist realized a massive increase in website traffic, first page position on all core business search queries, and close to a half-million paid ad impressions across Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. 

Google Search Ranking
Paid Ad Impressions
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