Custom Animated Video Places Spotlight on Unique Wellness Brand​

The Blu Room is a unique wellness centre that creates a calming atmosphere to insulates you from your everyday stresses. Its patent-pending technology uses UVB light therapy, gentle vibration and soothing sound that can increase creative focus, improve well-being and provide relief from physical pain.

The Challenge

On the leading-edge of alternative body and mind therapies, UVB Wellness was struggling both with convincing consumers of the therapy’s benefits, 
as well as breaking down preexisting consumer biases against the alternative form of treatment in which they specialized.

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The Solution

With the challenges in mind, the Barrel team engaged in extensive market and brand research, all while navigating complicated legal and regulatory restrictions, and quickly realized that challenging the above perceptions would not suffice with only a website. We thus developed a custom animated video explainer, that put a softer, more educational touch to showcase the unique features and benefits of the UVB brand promise.